Chelsea Dong 

Fundraising and Social Media Team Member

California, United States of America

As my young aunt had been diagnosed with scleroderma, I was able to see first-hand the horrors of the disease, how it impacts family relationships, and view the emotional turmoils of someone going through treatment. The experience from the previous year and this current year allowed me to integrate the message of scleroderma (saving lives, celebrating lives, and lead the fight for a world helping others with scleroderma) into my daily life as the club helped me recognize various ways I could contribute. Being someone that has always aspired to take the small steps towards making the world a brighter place for future generations, I have worked in the past to help more homeless children in shelters have more opportunities in STEM. With the addition of operating under various nonprofits to help more stray animals find homes in my community, one can often find me venturing out and constantly driven to place my dreams into motion!