The Scleroderma and Fibrotic Diseases Foundation (The SFDF) is excited to partner with you! Companies, nonprofit organizations, blogs, online communities, etc. are all invited to fill out this application.

We share our partners’ important announcements to our social media, especially if the announcements are relevant to our mission of improving the lives of the scleroderma and fibrotic diseases community. In addition, partners will be featured on our website. These features include your logo, your description, and links to your website / social media. As a partner, we ask that you share important SFDF announcements with your audience as well. These announcements typically relate to events such as the release of another issue of Scleroderma Stories, our publication sharing the journeys of scleroderma warriors around the world. We would also appreciate being featured on your website as well. 

We would also love to work together on other joint fundraisers or initiatives that align with our mission. 


Name of nonprofit, company, blog, online community, etc.
If you do not have any immediate ideas, no worries! We can discuss the partnership together.